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Penetration Testing with the Metasploit Framework

by Gus Khawaja

For professional penetration testers who want to take their skills to the next level using the Metasploit framework. This is a hands-on course that will show you in a different angle the penetration testing workflow and how to apply it in practice.

What you'll learn

Penetration testing workflow is a big challenge in our career as security professionals. In this course, Penetration Testing with the Metasploit Framework, you will learn how to take your ethical hacking skills to the next level by using Metasploit in your career as a penetration tester. First, you will learn how to list and enumerate services. Next, you will discover new ways to exploit vulnerabilities. Finally, you will explore how to elevate your privileges and move laterally on the network. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of conducting a successful penetration test like the pros.

About the author

Ghassan Khawaja holds a BS degree in computer Science, he specializes in .NET development and IT security including C# .NET, asp.Net, HTML5 and ethical hacking. Ghassan has successfully delivered software products and developed solutions for companies all over Quebec/Canada. He is passionate about Technology and loves what he's doing. After many years of experience in computer science, he has turned his attention to cyber security and the importance that security brings to this mine f... more

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