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Perform Predictive Modeling with MATLAB

by Pratheerth Padman

In this course, you'll run through everything involved while working on a machine learning problem with MATLAB - from data cleaning to model training, which will elevate your understanding of one of the most popular career choices!

What you'll learn

These days, data is ubiquitous and abundant. Analyzing that data and then subjecting it to machine learning models which in turn generate predictions has become essential. Entire startups have been built using this as the basis and established businesses use it to extend their capabilities.

There are many tools that are used to do this and MATLAB is one of the big ones. In this course, Perform Predictive Modeling with MATLAB, you'll learn the ins and outs of data analysis and predictive modeling through MATLAB.

First, you'll kick off the course with a brief introduction to the business problem that’ll be extended throughout the duration of the course. Next, you'll learn to prepare our dataset for analysis and modeling.

Then, you'll identify how to choose the correct algorithm for the business problem.

Finally, you’ll discover how to train and test the model on the dataset and then evaluate its performance.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to work through a machine learning problem with MATLAB.

About the author

Pratheerth is a Data Scientist who has entered the field after an eclectic mix of educational and work experiences. He has a Bachelor's in Engineering in Mechatronics from India, Masters in Engineering Management from Australia and then a couple of years of work experience as a Production Engineer in the Middle East. Then when the A.I bug bit him, he dropped everything to dedicate his life to the field. He is currently working on mentoring, course creation and freelancing as a Data Scientist.

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