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Performing Continuous Delivery with AWS CodeStar

by Armen Avanesi

This course will teach you how to create an automated continuous delivery pipeline using AWS CodeStar. You will gain the practical knowledge you need to develop, build, and deploy applications on AWS with ease.

What you'll learn

CodeStar is a great tool that helps you quickly build robust and scalable applications. In this course, Performing Continuous Delivery with AWS CodeStar, you will gain the knowledge you need to build end-to-end continuous delivery pipelines. First, you will learn how to orchestrate several AWS services from a unified dashboard. Next, you will discover how to effectively monitor and manage your project. Finally, you will explore how to integrate project management and collaboration tools such as Github Issues and Atlassian JIRA. By the end of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to track and manage your entire development toolchain.

About the author

Armen is currently a software developer in Melbourne, Australia. Day to day, he helps startups build elegant, scalable applications. He is passionate about traveling, trying new food, and teaching others how to code.

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