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Cyber Security Awareness: Phishing and Whaling

by Todd Edmands

This course covers whaling and phishing attacks and how to protect yourself against them.

What you'll learn

If you work in any sort of business environment or deal with personal transactions through the Internet then you need to be aware of phishing and whaling attacks. In this course, Cyber Security Awareness: Phishing and Whaling, you will learn how to protect yourself. First, you'll learn about what exactly phishing is before moving on to the various methods of attacks and how to reduce your risk. Next, you'll learn about whaling attacks and what to watch for. Finally, you'll learn about last measures and how to be successful against all attacks.

About the author

Todd Edmands is a computer security expert working in the Information Technology business sector for more that 20 years. He has a masters degree in Systems Engineering and Information Assurance from Regis University. Currently Todd has maintained for his relationship with Regis University over the past five years by being an affiliate faculty member teaching students and helping run national computer security competitions. Todd is also an instructor for Mentor Source, Inc. He is a veteran of th... more

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