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Photo-manipulation and Clean Plating Fundamentals for Matte Painting

by Brian Lee

Matte Painting is one of the most creative, location independent, and lucrative careers in the visual effects industry. This course will show you the core concepts and techniques you'll need to start your career as a professional Matte Painter.

What you'll learn

Anyone looking to become a Matte painter in today's visual effects industry needs to first understand the foundations and core concepts of matte painting. In this course, Photo-manipulation and Clean Plating Fundamentals for Matte Painting, you'll learn the most important techniques needed to start your career as a matte painting professional. First, you’ll see how to build an effective clean plate commonly used for feature films. Next, you'll be shown how to execute a non-destructive sky replacement, how to realistically paint light, shadow, wear, tear, and vegetation with brush settings. Finally, you'll go over how to harness the power of Photoshop's most powerful image manipulations tools to transform any image into an elaborate matte painting that tells a story. When you finish this course, you'll have the foundational skill set required to work as an entry level Matte painter in today's visual effect industry. Software required: Photoshop CC

About the author

Brian is a Professional Designer and Instructor with experience across multiple entertainment Industries including film, game, and Illustration. He specializes in designing concepts and creating realistic matte paintings. Coming from a background in traditional art, with a degree in media arts and animation, Brian is able to work and teach at a professional level across several different digital departments.

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