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Photo Manipulation Techniques: Character Design Process

by Sorin Bechira

In this course, we develop a thumb sketch for a character and based on that we will develop a character closeup shot to show certain character particulars. Required Software: Photoshop CC

What you'll learn

This course introduces designers, photographers, and illustrators to the character concept process, being able to use familiar photo manipulation techniques to a new creative field. This course will show how to interpret a character brief, how to develop a thumb sketch to block the character look and feel, how to modify the main source image to transpose the look and feel of the character and, how to make the transition from a good character concept to a villain character - without using digital painting techniques. Required Software: Photoshop CC.

About the author

Sorin Bechira is an award winning graphic and multimedia designer, with multiple degrees held in fine arts, multimedia techniques and new media. He is always willing to experiement in design and is constantly looking for challenges in every field of visual communication. Including, but not limited to, digital matte painting, graphic design, branding, experimental illustrations, typography, as well as interactive and new media. Sorin combines traditional techniques with digital ones in order to o... more

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