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Feb 4, 2016
1h 25m

This course introduces designers, photographers, and illustrators to the character concept process, being able to use familiar photo manipulation techniques to a new creative field. This course will show how to interpret a character brief, how to develop a thumb sketch to block the character look and feel, how to modify the main source image to transpose the look and feel of the character and, how to make the transition from a good character concept to a villain character - without using digital painting techniques. Required Software: Photoshop CC.

About the author
About the author

Sorin Bechira is an award winning graphic and multimedia designer, with multiple degrees held in fine arts, multimedia techniques and new media.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Course Overview
Hi everyone, my name is Sorin Bechira and welcome to my course Photoshop Photo Manipulation Techniques in Character Design Process. We all know the power of Adobe Photoshop in photography and concept art. In this course we are going to combine those two and learn some photo manipulation techniques used in character design. Some of the major topics that we will cover include how to interpret a client brief, create a character thumb sketch from a generic serial thumb, develop an alien hunter character based on a photo reference, transform the hunter character into a warrior character. So by the end of this course you will know how to develop a character in Adobe Photoshop without the use of any brush painting. We will use only basic photo manipulation techniques. Before beginning the course you should be familiar with the Adobe Photoshop interface. From here you should feel comfortable diving into Adobe Photoshop with courses on reconstruction and atmospheric conditions photo manipulation, vehicle concept design, or advanced creature painting. I hope you'll join me on this journey to learn Adobe Photoshop with the Photo Manipulation Techniques in Character Design Process course at Pluralsight.

The Hunter Character Development
In this module we will make the character design for the hunter profile. So we'll have to build up our character on the source image that we've been provided and make some adjustments like removing some of the body drawings adjusting the body features to match the genderless creature, and we'll prepare the face and the body for the next steps by removing some humanoid features like the nose, ears, and mouth. Also, we'll modify the eyes to get the more mystical creature and get away from the human eyes, and also we add some reptile-like skins and textures. In the fourth video we will add some new features to the head specified in the brief like the telepathic gland, the horns, and the other cool features. We will do that using various animal parts taken from source photos. Next we will add a background to place our character in a good environment to be able to get some nice colors and lightening. Lastly, we will add some handmade accessories and design that awesome energy spear specified in the brief, and also we will add some color correction and make some lightening improvements to make the scene more dramatic. As a reminder, we will do this is Adobe Photoshop using photo manipulation techniques, meaning no brush drawing. So let's get started.

Creating the Warrior
In this module we will make the character design for the warrior profile. So based on the thumb sketch we developed and on the other character profile that we completed in the previous module, we will start by changing the environment look and also get a more dangerous and evil feeling, and also we'll change the color of the skin to a red tone so it'll be clear that he's just changed his personality from a good character to a villain character. We will add some highly detailed elements, like a mask, with a strong organic feel, that will complement the new face features. There are some major changes in here, in his behavior, and these changes must be visible and reflected in the look, so we'll add more character features that will enhance this villain look. We are looking to get that pure evil feeling of a warrior of evil with a high rank and special powers. Lastly, we will add an awesome energy sword emphasizing his warrior character, a sword that replaced his hunting energy spear. And also we will add some color correction and make some lighting improvements to make the scene more dramatic. As a reminder we will do this in Adobe Photoshop using photo manipulation techniques, meaning no brush drawing. So, let's get started.