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Photoshop CC Creating Social Media Graphics

by Melissa Piccone

This course explores using artboards in Photoshop to design social media graphics. You'll learn to use image backgrounds and text to create images in a variety of sizes for various social media platforms.

What you'll learn

Social media sites have different size and dimension requirements for images and posts, and it can be tricky to use the same image with different sizes. Using artboards in Photoshop simplifies this process, allowing you to make several sizes at the same time. In this course, Photoshop CC Creating Social Media Graphics, you will learn how to create multiple social media graphics at once. First, using artboards you will learn how to format images to fit different dimensions. Next, you will explore how to use Content-Aware to move and crop images to fit the required sizes. Finally, you’ll discover how to add text to your images, and how to save them for easy sharing on social media. By the end of this course, you will have a template to make more social media graphics in groups, saving you time by speeding up your workflow.

About the author

Melissa Piccone has been using Photoshop to create and design since it was released. She has done everything from computer game design to digital scrapbooking to web design. Her expert knowledge and experience with Adobe applications and her love of teaching have culminated in a long career as an Adobe Certified Instructor, Technical Trainer and Adobe Community Professional. You can find out more about her and classes she offers at

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