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Dec 2, 2016
2h 14m

Photoshop CC offers a wide range of typographic features which are covered in this course. In this course, you'll learn about all the fine control you have in Photoshop when it comes to working with type. Tracking, Kerning, Hyphenation, Leading, are just some of the features reviewed. You'll also look at how you can create styles to save time, and how to apply effects using Layer styles and filters. Software required: Photoshop CC.

About the author
About the author

Matthew Pizzi is an Adobe Certified instructor with over 15 years of experience teaching Adobe applications.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Before we get started in this course, I just want to point out some reasons why you would want to consider working with Type inside of Photoshop. Believe it or not, there's quite a bit of capability when it comes to Typography inside of Photoshop. And because of that, it's incredibly easy and convenient to set your Type inside the program. It produces live vector type so quality really isn't an issue and you have sophisticated Type features like kerning, tracking, letting. You also have options for justification and hyphenation. However, there are some drawbacks. Photoshop really isn't designed to work with large amounts of text. For example, if you're creating a book or a pamphlet that's a few pages, Photoshop really isn't going to be the best tool for you. But if you have a headline or a small piece of Type that you want set within an overall design, a lot of times it doesn't make sense to leave Photoshop just for those reasons because Photoshop does have tremendous support for Type as you'll find out over the next couple movies and chapters in this course.