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Secrets of Composite Artwork with Photoshop

by Kasia Zmokla

Create complex and beautiful photo composites. This course will teach you the fundamentals and secrets of photo compositing--advanced masking techniques, luminosity and color adjustments, selective sharpening and more.

What you'll learn

With digital photo editing, "the sky's the limit." In this course, Secrets of Composite Artwork in Photoshop, you will start your exciting adventure and create a complex, dreamy photo composite. This course starts with a short introduction where you'll get familiar with the basic principles of photo compositing. The hands-on process starts with mastering advanced masking techniques with Photoshop Channels. Next, you will build the Composition and focus on Luminosity and Color Adjustments, taking advantage of several great Photoshop tools such as Black and White Adjustment Layer, the Curves Adjustment Layer, Gradient Map, and Blend Modes. Once you have the color adjustments ready, you will focus on contrast adjustments with a Dodge and Burn technique. Finally, you'll add a few last touches including selective sharpening and Dust Effect created with the help of Photoshop Custom Brush. When you're finished with this course, you will have a foundational knowledge of photo compositing, helping you as you move forward to professional photo editing and graphic design.

About the author

Kasia is a fine art photographer, designer, and video creator with 20 years experience working in the Graphic Design industry. She worked full time for design studios in Poland, Ireland, and Malta and independently as an artist, photographer, and freelance designer for numerous clients around the world. Her work is displayed internationally including the Asia Contemporary Art Gallery in Singapore. Kasia is a founder of Digital Art Classes. She is also an active contributor to several photo s... more

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