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Restoring Old and Damaged Photos in Photoshop

by Kurt Jones

Preserving old photos can help you understand history and treasure your own memories. Learn the tools and techniques in Photoshop for restoring old photos that have faded over time and how to bring back details that appear to have been lost.

What you'll learn

Since the invention of the camera, photographs have provided a window to the past. They are the closest solution to having a time machine and allow you to travel across the decades to revisit and understand important historical moments. But over time printed photographs can deteriorate due to chemical decay and weather conditions. In this course, Restoring Old and Damaged Photos in Photoshop, you'll examine a photograph taken in 1939 that has severely faded over the years. First, you'll learn how to analyze and prepare your photo digitally. Next, you'll edit the photo's tones by building contrast and adding adjustment layers. Finally, you'll learn how to restore the damaged photo and bring back details that appear to have been lost, healing pen markings, blemishes, and foreground scratches. After viewing this course, you'll have a stronger understanding of how to restore old black-and-white photos that have been damaged and faded over time, and you'll be able preserve cherished memories.

About the author

Kurt is a design tutor at Pluralsight. Ever since he could hold a crayon, Kurt has been in love with drawing. Apart from his dedication to training artists at Pluralsight, Kurt has an extensive background in illustration. He has previously worked for a book publisher, as well as Rhythm and Hues Studios. It was through his extensive industry background that Kurt learned the way of the Wacom, and that the Pen tool is truly mightier than the sword. Along with creating beautiful 2D illustrations,... more

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