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Protocol Deep Dive: PIM

by Tim McConnaughy

Multicast is a solution that is as old as networking itself but escapes the understanding of many. This course will teach you the PIM protocol (Protocol Independent Multicast) to a deep level.

What you'll learn

Despite multicast being a technology that has been around since the earliest days of networking, the protocols and solutions remain a mystery to many. In this course, Protocol Deep Dive: PIM, you’ll learn the PIM protocol at a deep level. First, you’ll explore basic multicast and the basic PIM packet details. Next, you’ll discover the different IPv4 implementations of PIM. Finally, you’ll learn how IPv6 PIM is used and what special features exist. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to understand PIM at a deep technical level, needed to develop multicast solutions.

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About the author

Tim McConnaughy is a network architect/engineer with over ten years of experience in network engineering. He has worked as a technical networking consultant to Fortune 500 companies and travelled the world designing and implementing co-located data centers and offices. Tim has also been a Cisco Live Speaker and holds a CCIE (#58615) in Route/Switch (Now Enterprise Infrastructure). He is a Cloud Solutions Architect at Aviatrix. When not networking, he enjoys eating ramen, playing video games, and... more

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