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March 6, 2017
56m 52s

Have a great idea yet you don't know how to sell it to management and get the ok for implementation? This course helps to solve that problem by tackling the core problems. In this course, Pitching the Project: Winning Management Buy-in on a Project, you'll learn a very practical and down to earth approach to get from idea to implementation. First, you'll start by getting the main questions answered that management will have. Next, you'll go over principles and tools to test the feasibility of your idea. Finally, you'll end with delivery where you look at presentation format and style. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and resources to take your idea from just a thought to a detailed action plan that will get backed by management.

About the author
About the author

Doru founded and runs a marketing agency with global clients in a wide range of industries. His focus is on campaigns that convert and get new business through the door, not feel good campaigns. In terms of approach he believes in authentic and blunt advertising without the presence of small print.

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Hi everyone, my name is Doru Catana and welcome to my course Pitching the Project: Winning Management Buy-in on a Project.

I’ve run a marketing agency for close to ten years now and after attenting countless conferences and events I’ve realised there was a problem that many tech professionals faced that wasn’t being solved. And that problem is how to effectively pitch ideas to management. While there are resources on pitching to investors, doing this in-house has some very specific aspects to it.

In this course, we plan to address those aspects and give you a very practical and down to earth approach to get from idea to implementation.

We first tackle the fundamentals, identifying the potential and fesability of your idea. We look at the core questions management will ask themselves and you. Should we do this and can we do this?

Once that is out of the way we give more depth to your idea by passing it through multiple analysis models like PEST, SWOT or Porters 5 Forces Model. And then we go to number crunching. Does the market and competitor data encourage the pursuit of this plan or does it not?

And we’ll look at how to do proper research, the tools you can use and also data interpretation. Once you have data on our side we take a look at the format in which you present it. We analyze structure, timing, persuation, storytelling and everything in regards to pitch delivery.

My goal with this course was to give you the essential roadmap to bring your idea to life because way to much potential is wasted not because lack of good ideas, but due to lack of skill in pitching those ideas and convincing management to back them.

So I hope you’ll join me on this journey to learn more about how to go from a great idea, to giving it more depth, finding data that supports it and delivering an effective pitch to management to see it implemented.