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Planning and Configuring Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2019

by Emilio Melo

Since its inception, SharePoint has always been about empowering the end users to do more, without depending on longer development cycles. This course will teach you how to work with data sources as SharePoint external lists, by leveraging BCS.

What you'll learn

Quite often, end users just need quick access to data sources, without having to endure the longer development cycles of a full front-end system. In this course, Planning and Configuring Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2019, you’ll learn to configure BCS to access such data sources on SharePoint. First, you’ll explore what BCS is and how to configure that on SharePoint. Next, you’ll discover how to use SharePoint Designer to create external lists. Finally, you’ll learn how to access these lists from SharePoint. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of SharePoint Business Connectivity Services needed to access external data sources on SharePoint 2019.

About the author

Emilio Melo is a globetrotting IT professional with projects in over 15 countries, mostly focused on Microsoft software. After 15 years of On Premises experience in Infrastructure, Data and Collaboration, he became fascinated by Cloud technologies and the incredible transformation potential it brings.

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