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Play by Play: Discovering PowerShell with Mark Minasi

by Mark Minasi and Gary Eimerman

Windows Server guru Mark Minasi shows how to learn PowerShell from PowerShell, using the built-in intelligent features and help commands.

What you'll learn

In this Play by Play, Windows Server guru Mark Minasi turns the tables on Pluralsight's Gary Eimerman and challenges him to discover PowerShell with his assistance. Before this course, Gary had never used PowerShell, and that's just the point. With the built-in help commands and the occasional help of a search engine, any administrator can learn to use PowerShell to automate tasks and access information that isn't available through the GUI.

About the authors

Mark Minasi is a best-selling author, popular technology columnist, commentator, keynote speaker, and IT consultant. He is probably best known for his Mastering Windows Server and Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide books, both of which have seen more than 12 editions and sold over a million copies. An audience member at a recent talk remarked that he believed that Mark could "do a talk on watching paint dry that would be so good that people would be motivated to go home and paint a wall j... more

Gary Eimerman is VP of IT Pro Content at Pluralsight. He brought his expertise over from TrainSignal, where he spent eight years helping to grow the company into the leader in online IT training. Gary has a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems from University of Iowa and brings hands-on experience with computer hardware, networking and administration, as well as a passion for education, to the Pluralsight team.

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