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Play by Play: Ruby Programming with Francis Hwang

by Francis Hwang and Geoffrey Grosenbach

Watch Ruby expert Francis Hwang build a scoring system for a fantasy sports league.

What you'll learn

Francis Hwang has been writing programs in the Ruby language since back before barely anyone knew what it was. He co-founded the groundbreaking GoRuCo conference in New York City and is currently the CTO of Profitably, a financial analytics startup. Francis builds a scoring system for a fantasy sports league. Out of the six Play by Play courses we've filmed so far, he completed the entire task in the shortest amount of time. Yet he prides himself on using very few workflow or editor shortcuts. It's all about straight-ahead problem solving, clear thinking, and test-driven development.

About the authors

Francis Hwang is a writer and software engineer. An active member of the Ruby community, he was the founder of NYC.rb, founding organizer of GORUCO, and a four-time RubyConf speaker. He is currently enjoying his Brooklyn-based consulting lifestyle.

Geoffrey founded PeepCode and has created numerous courses on Ruby, JavaScript and Shell. He commits code at

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