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Getting Started with Project Online with Dux Raymond Sy

by Gary Eimerman and Dux Raymond Sy

Every day we all are involved in some sort of project management, everything from completing simple tasks to building a complex project with a large team. There always seems to be a newest and greatest project management tool to help in this process. In this Play by Play, we look at starting from the very beginning of a project using Microsoft Project Online with Dux Raymond Sy, Microsoft MVP.

What you'll learn

Play by Play is a series where we sit down with industry experts and discuss a specific problem or issue in real time - unscripted, unrehearsed, and unfiltered. This edition of Play by Play is about getting started with Microsoft Project Online. Dux Raymond Sy, CTO of AvePoint, talks through the process of getting up and running with Microsoft Project Online, Integrating Microsoft Project Pro, and Reporting on Projects. This session is for the reluctant or new project manager just trying to take the simple approach to getting up and running.

About the authors

Gary Eimerman is VP of IT Pro Content at Pluralsight. He brought his expertise over from TrainSignal, where he spent eight years helping to grow the company into the leader in online IT training. Gary has a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems from University of Iowa and brings hands-on experience with computer hardware, networking and administration, as well as a passion for education, to the Pluralsight team.

Dux Raymond is the Global Vice President of Customer Strategy & Solutions for AvePoint. He is responsible for leading the development and delivery of strategic customer solutions that drives positive business transformation and enables organizations to achieve their overall mission. With over 15 years of business & technology management experience, he has successfully facilitated the implementation of various business transformation solutions for commercial, educational and public sector orga... more

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