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Play by Play: Group Policy Best Practices with Darren Mar-Elia

by Darren Mar-Elia and Gary Eimerman

Learn how to design a scalable and maintainable Group Policy infrastructure from expert Darren Mar-Elia.

What you'll learn

In this course, Darren Mar-Elia (GPOGUY) discusses the common pitfalls and issues involved in using Group Policy, how to avoid them with good design principles, and how to troubleshoot the all-too-common bloated GP infrastructure. We give Darren a scenario environment overloaded with policies, including several conflicting policies, and watch as he walks through inventory, normalizing, and deployment of revised policies. Play by Play is a series in which we sit down with top industry experts and discuss technologies, problems and solutions in real time, unscripted and unrehearsed. Have you ever wished you could watch one of your tech heroes work through a problem in real time, using their own tools and tricks? This is the series for you.

About the authors

Darren is CTO & Founder of SDM Software and has 30 years experience in IT and software, including CTO of Windows Management products at Quest Software, Technical Director for distributed infrastructure and Charles Schwab and Sr. Director of Product Engineering at DesktopStandard. He is an 11-time Microsoft Group Policy MVP and has been a contributing editor at Windows IT Pro Magazine since 1997.

Gary Eimerman is VP of IT Pro Content at Pluralsight. He brought his expertise over from TrainSignal, where he spent eight years helping to grow the company into the leader in online IT training. Gary has a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems from University of Iowa and brings hands-on experience with computer hardware, networking and administration, as well as a passion for education, to the Pluralsight team.

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