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Play by Play: JitJea with Jeffrey Snover

by Mark Minasi and Jeffrey Snover

A post-Snowden world calls for post-Snowden administration tools. Enter the Just Enough Administration (JEA) toolkit. JEA is a tool that lets you grant any user administrative power on a server, but does so in a way that gives the user precisely the amount of control and power that they need to do their job - and no more. In this Play by Play, Mark Minasi sits down with Microsoft Distinguished Engineer and PowerShell creator, Jeffrey Snover, to learn why we need the JEA toolkit, how to use it, and where future versions will go.

What you'll learn

How many users have full administrator access to your Windows network? In a post-Snowden world, we need a new way to grant permissions. The new principles of network configuration are Just-in Time (JIT) and Just Enough Administration (JEA): giving users the necessary rights and privileges to do their jobs, but limiting their power to only what they need. Obviously creating groups and policies to execute this kind of fine-grained control would be burdensome. The JEA toolkit promises a much easier way to accomplish this. JEA is a PowerShell toolkit that creates special sessions to grant User Accounts "run-as-administrator" permissions on commands, properties and settings they need to manage network resources. In this Play by Play, PowerShell creator and Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, Jeffrey Snover, shows off the features of the JEA remote access architecture.

About the authors

Mark Minasi is a best-selling author, popular technology columnist, commentator, keynote speaker, and IT consultant. He is probably best known for his Mastering Windows Server and Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide books, both of which have seen more than 12 editions and sold over a million copies. An audience member at a recent talk remarked that he believed that Mark could "do a talk on watching paint dry that would be so good that people would be motivated to go home and paint a wall j... more

Jeffrey Snover is a Distinguished Engineer Microsoft and the Lead Architect for the Windows Server and System Center Division. Snover is the inventor of Windows PowerShell, an object-based distributed automation engine, scripting language, and command line shell. Snover joined Microsoft in 1999 as divisional architect for the Management and Services Division, providing technical direction across Microsoft's management technologies and products. Snover has over 30 years of industry experience wit... more

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