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Play by Play: Nano Server

by Andrew Mason and Jason Helmick

Nano Server is one of the Windows Server platform's latest, most anticipated releases. In this course, Andrew Mason from the Windows Server and Services team discusses the key features of Nano Server and shows why it will be everyone's future server.

What you'll learn

Nano Server is the incredible, quick-to-deploy edition of Windows Server coming in Windows Server 2016. It has a small attack surface, rapid boot time (5-15 seconds) and small disk overhead (480MB of disk space). In this Play by Play, Windows Server and Services team member and Principal Architect Andrew Mason, gives an overview of the key features that make Nano Server one of the most exciting releases on the Windows Server platform. You'll learn about the history of Nano Server, get a glimpse of remote management tools PowerShell Core and the Recovery Console, and see some amazing stats showing the improvements and efficiencies Nano Server provides over Server Core and full Windows Server. After viewing this course, you'll be ready to make the case for Nano Server in your environment.

About the authors

Andrew Mason is a Principal PM Manager in the Enterprise & Cloud Division at Microsoft where he works on Windows Server and Services. Andrew's team is responsible for the Windows Server platform and tools, including the various installation options of Windows Server, such as Server Core. He has been involved with Windows Server in one way or another at Microsoft since before Windows NT 3.1 shipped.

Jason Helmick is an author for Pluralsight. His IT career spans more than 25 years or enterprise consulting on a variety of technologies, with a focus on strategic IT business planning. He’s a highly successful IT author, columnist, lecturer, and instructor, specializing in automation practices for the IT pro. Jason is a leader in the IT professional community, and serves as board member and COO/CFO of PowerShell.Org. Jason’s publications include Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches, and he h... more

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