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Play by Play: Database Tuning

by Rob Conery and Rob Sullivan

Rob Sullivan tweaks the performance of a failing database using the Stack Overflow data dump.

What you'll learn

In this single video, Rob Sullivan is tasked with perf-tuning an ASP.NET MVC 3 web application (using EF) so it can handle a StackOverflow data dump. Over 4 million rows of data in the Posts table alone! The application is one that any web developer might build - with holes in it that any developer might fall into. The site is timing out, we're down - we need some help from an amazing DBA!

About the authors

Rob Conery co-founded Tekpub and created This Developer's Life. He is an author, speaker, and sometimes a little bit opinionated.

In the early 1900’s, the data world was overrun by architects and project managers. Needing to bring some relief to the industry, then President Taft appointed Rob as the first Data Magistrate. From humble beginnings, he rose to inspire hope and change amongst data stores of all types. He saved countless tuples during the Great Data Civil War of the 90’s and helped found the ORM-pathy group designed to help less fortunate data models get a second chance at production. He currently resides in Okl... more

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