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Play by Play: Social Engineering with Troy Hunt and Lars Klint

by Troy Hunt and Lars Klint

Social engineering is a powerful technique attackers can use to coerce human targets into exposing sensitive information. In this course, Troy Hunt and Lars Klint show common forms of social engineering, and how you can fight back.

What you'll learn

Despite how robust computer security may be, there remains a serious threat within any system: the people using it. Social engineering is an enormously powerful technique which exploits human weaknesses such as greed, fear and even attributes we consider positive such as sympathy and generosity, in order to compromise security systems and give an attacker access to sensitive information. In this Play by Play, Troy and Lars discuss various techniques that adversaries use to coerce their targets into performing actions that they wouldn't normally do. These range from very simple techniques that even your kids use, to sophisticated human manipulation practices designed to compromise large scale systems.

About the author

Troy Hunt is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for Developer Security. He's a regular conference speaker, frequent blogger at troyhunt.com and is the creator of the data breach notification service known as “Have I Been Pwned”.

Lars is an author, trainer, Microsoft MVP, community leader, authority on all things Windows Platform, and part time crocodile wrangler. He is heavily involved in the space of HoloLens and mixed reality, as well as a published Pluralsight author, freelance solution architect, and writer for numerous publications.

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