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Play by Play: Leveraging Storage Policies in vSphere with PowerShell

by Don Jones and Josh Atwell

Learn the core concepts of Storage Policy Based Management and how to implement it in vSphere with PowerShell.

What you'll learn

Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) is a feature widely available in VMware vCenter that is the cornerstone of software-defined storage in vSphere. In this course, viewers will learn the fundamentals of SPBM and learn how to implement it quickly with PowerShell.

About the authors

Don Jones' broad IT experience comes from 20 years in the business, with a strong focus on Microsoft server technologies. He's the author of more than 45 technology books, including titles on administration and software development, and writes monthly columns for the industry's leading periodicals. He's an in-demand speaker at technical conferences and symposia worldwide, and is widely recognized as one of the top trainers in the Microsoft sector.

Josh Atwell is a Cloud Architect for SolidFire, focusing on developing VMware and automation solutions. Over the last 10+ years, he has worked very hard to allow little pieces of code to do his work for him through various automation tools. Most recently, Josh worked as a vArchitect for VCE where he worked with customers to architect solutions to meet their infrastructure needs. He also served as a VMware and cloud champion, as well as being selected as a technical team lead. Prior to VCE, Josh ... more

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