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Java Fundamentals: The Regular Expressions Playbook

by Victor Grazi

Regular Expressions provide a concise language for validating, parsing, and extracting text. This course will teach you the full regex syntax supported in Java, as well as the special Java regex class support, with many examples.

What you'll learn

As technology advances, there are ever more use cases requiring text validation, parsing, and extraction. The old school way was to hack a solution in the target programming language, but this is brittle and leads to arcane code. In this course, Java Fundamentals: The Regular Expressions Playbook, you will learn all of the regular expressions syntax supported in Java. First, you learn about literals for matching and quantifiers for specifying repeat counts. Next, you will discover the special Java class support for text processing. Finally, you will explore advanced techniques for creating and deciphering regular expressions and a brief survey of some popular frameworks that depend on Regex. When you are finished with this course, you will have all of the knowledge you need to validate and process text using regular expressions in Java.

About the author

Victor Grazi is an Oracle Java Champion working as a software engineer at Nomura Securities, and as a technical consultant and Java evangelist. He is a frequent presenter at technical conferences and hosts the "Java Concurrent Animated", "Regex Test Tool", and "Bytecode Explorer" open source projects. Victor also serves as an editor at InfoQ.

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