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On Polyglot Programming

by Rob Conery and Ted Neward

Learn the benefits of adding multiple languages to your repertoire, and other valuable insights from the Polyglot Programmer, Ted Neward.

What you'll learn

In this course, Rob Conery sits down with technologist and polyglot programmer, Ted Neward, to discuss the benefits of learning multiple languages. You'll learn other valuable insights, including how languages gain adoption, why rewriting code is such an important exercise, and more.

About the authors

Rob Conery co-founded Tekpub and created This Developer's Life. He is an author, speaker, and sometimes a little bit opinionated.

Ted Neward is an independent consultant specializing in high-scale enterprise systems, working with clients ranging in size from Fortune 500 corporations to small 10-person shops. He is an authority in Java and .NET technologies, particularly in the areas of Java/.NET integration (both in-process and via integration tools like Web services), back-end enterprise software systems, and virtual machine/execution engine plumbing. He is the author or co-author of several books, including Effective Ent... more

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