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Cyber Security Awareness: The Protection and Destruction of Portable Data

by Jennifer Kurtz

In this course, you'll learn how to protect and manage your portable data.

What you'll learn

More and more, the world has come to rely on the availability of portable data. If you are someone who is concerned about how to protect your portable data, then this course is for you. First, you'll learn about the current trends in data protection in several major fields like health care, business, the financial sector, and personal use. Then you'll explore the legal constraints around the data other companies hold. Finally, you'll end the course learning about the ways to protect yourself and your data. By the end of this course, you'll have a greater understanding of protection you'll need to keep your portable data secure.

About the author

Jennifer promotes responsible technology use (25-plus years) as educator, project manager, and consultant with government, industry, and universities (Ball State, Purdue, Regis). Jennifer has led eGovernment and broadband initiatives as Indiana’s director of ecommerce, and wrote Hacking Wireless Access Points and the DLP chapter for best-seller, Data Breach and Encryption Handbook.

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