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Post Exploitation: Pillaging and Data Exfiltration

by Rithwik Jayasimha

The simplest stage in a penetration test is data exfiltration, or is it? With the advent of new types of attackers, testing this is more critical than ever before. In this course, you'll explore some of the processes involved in this stage.

What you'll learn

Safeguarding a network today requires a multiple stage approach, not only is it important to keep attackers out, but it is also important to keep data from leaving the network. This means that we need to begin looking at data exfiltration not just as a stage in the penetration test, but as a more comprehensive solution that requires more robust checks from the client to lock down. In this course, Post Exploitation: Pillaging and Data Exfiltration, you’ll gain the ability to evaluate the systems not just for the data that they may possess through pillaging, but also begin to look at each system as another step in a long chain that can be leveraged to exfiltration. First, you’ll explore pillaging, critically evaluating the value of the system with pre-determined parameters. Next, you’ll discover how to chain multiple attacks together to create the final path for data exfiltration, touching upon bypassing some modern protection mechanisms. Finally, you’ll learn how to ask yourself the questions that will enable you to create your own processes. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of pillaging and data exfiltration needed to create, build, and execute attacks upon networks in a manner that will enable you to create a report that has value to your clients.

About the author

Rithwik Jayasimha is an information security consultant and researcher. He loves making devices of all shapes and sizes perform tasks for which they were not originally intended. Rithwik loves a good challenge - hit him up with a crypto challenge anytime! He is experienced in both offensive as well as defensive security. He heads a small group of pen testers based out of Bangalore. Rithwik is highly passionate about teaching and wants more people to enter security - both as hobbyists and profess... more

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