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Provisioning Premium Capacity as a Power BI Admin

by Nikola Ilic

Provisioning and managing a Premium Capacity in Power BI is a mastery on its own! This course will teach you how to configure and manage Premium Capacities in Power BI, to efficiently support your organizational workloads.

What you'll learn

Is your task to ensure that organizational business reporting workloads are performed in a secure and efficient way? Do you need to provide a robust and scalable solution to support different business scenarios using Power BI? In this course, Provisioning Premium Capacity as a Power BI Admin, you’ll learn to configure and manage Premium Capacity. First, you’ll explore different licensing options in Power BI and in which scenario to use each of them. Next, you’ll discover how to configure various capacity settings, such as user permissions, or planning capacity size. Finally, you’ll learn how to handle dataset eviction and how to leverage various Power BI external tools. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of provisioning and managing Power BI Premium capacities needed to support efficient data-driven workflows within your organization.

About the author

Nikola Ilic is an officially Business Intelligence Developer, focusing on Microsoft Data Platform technologies, especially Power BI - but “off the record” he is a data fanatic, interested in everything related to extracting meaningful information from the raw data. Nikola is self-proclaimed "Data-Mozart". As he lives in the wonderful city of Salzburg, Austria, which is well-known as the birthplace of W.A.Mozart, he was brave enough to use the composer's last name as part of his nickname. That'... more

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