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Power BI Data Import Playbook

by Rory Neary

Connecting to data is often the first place to begin when starting a new Power BI report. This course will teach you the skills and techniques for connecting to a wide range of data sources from Power BI.

What you'll learn

Every Power BI report starts with data, which can be housed in a multitude of ways. In this course, Power BI Data Import Playbook, you’ll learn fundamental skills for making and using connections to sources of data in your reports. First, you’ll explore how data importation fits within the context of building a simple end to end Power BI report. Then, you'll delve into other data sources starting with structured sources such as databases all the way through to unstructured ones including Excel and web data sources. Finally, you'll learn about data privacy and even get to discover how to create tables from thin air using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions). When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Power BI data importation needed to enable you to begin building insightful Power BI reports.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Understanding How Import Fits within the Power BI Model Production Process
Connecting to Databases, Data Warehouses, SSAS Cubes, and Power BI Data Models Using Power BI
Configuring Privacy Levels for Data Sources
Connecting to Online Sources Using Power BI
Connecting to SharePoint Data
Connecting to Text and CSV Data Sources from Power BI
Loading Data Using an R Script
Storing and Connecting to Your Office 365 Data Files
Using Blank Queries to Create Data Tables
Entering Your Own Data by Hand
Creating Tables from Thin Air
Course Wrap Up

About the author

A Microsoft Power Platform Trainer Developer with a finance background and a deep passion to help businesses realize their potential with The Microsoft Power Platform. Rory has been working in the Power Platform since the early days of Power BI and has trained people across Europe in that time, from Italy up to Iceland and from Ireland across to Finland. An accountant by trade, he has worked both as a contractor, trainer and a consultant in the Power Platform space for many years and has seen ... more

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