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PowerShell Cmdlet Development in C# - The Ins and Outs

by Nathan Honeycutt

This focused course goes beyond just the basics and will walk you through the ways to create PowerShell cmdlets using C# and show you what you can do with that knowledge.

What you'll learn

You're a PowerShell convert, and you live with a shell open now. But you're finding yourself wishing that PowerShell handled something differently. You know you could solve the problem with your .NET skills, but how do you tie the two technologies together? Watch this course to learn how to write your own cmdlets from File -> New Project, to dynamic data, easing interactive testing pains, applying unit testing principles, and both approaches to cmdlet development depending on how much control your cmdlet needs over the PowerShell environment. We'll build useful cmdlets for working with SQL Server in a faster and more developer-friendly way, not just "Hello World" examples, so when you finish the course you'll be ready to make PowerShell work for you.

About the author

Nathan Honeycutt is a software developer with over 14 years of experience writing production software. He specializes in the .NET stack, ASP.NET MVC, and PowerShell, but dabbles in many other technologies as well. He has worked on a wide variety of software for the banking, defense, law enforcement, and medical industries. He created and maintains the PluggableWorkers. Nathan has been presenting at technical conferences in Tennessee and spreading his enthusiasm for technology. Nathan lives w... more

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