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PowerShell & DevOps Global Summit 2016 Sessions

by Josh Atwell, Ashley McGlone, Adam Platt, Jared Atkinson, Jeff Hicks, Michael Greene, Mark Gray, J. Keith Bankston, David Wilson, Rohn Edwards, Mike F. Robbins, Luc Dekens, Kirk Munro, Jason Helmick, Adam Driscoll, Don Jones, Neema Saeedi, Lee Holmes, June Blender, Angel Calvo, Paul Higinbotham and Ed Wilson

Explore advanced tips and tricks from leading PowerShell experts and core PowerShell product team members in these in-depth sessions from the PowerShell & DevOps Global Summit 2016.

What you'll learn

Every year, brings together leaders from the PowerShell community, PowerShell enthusiasts, and members of the core PowerShell team at Microsoft for the PowerShell & DevOps Global Summit, three days of deep dives and networking. This course presents the sessions from the 2016 Summit. Explore automation strategies and techniques, PowerShell module development best practices and workflows, and learn about what's coming next from PowerShell product team members. Through these sessions, you'll learn advanced features of the tools that you either use day today, or should be using.

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About the authors

Josh Atwell is a Cloud Architect for SolidFire, focusing on developing VMware and automation solutions. Over the last 10+ years, he has worked very hard to allow little pieces of code to do his work for him through various automation tools. Most recently, Josh worked as a vArchitect for VCE where he worked with customers to architect solutions to meet their infrastructure needs. He also served as a VMware and cloud champion, as well as being selected as a technical team lead. Prior to VCE, Josh ... more

Ashley McGlone is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer and Honorary Scripting Guy. He helps Microsoft Premier customers achieve more through automation and education. Ashley’s TechNet blog focuses on real-world solutions using Windows PowerShell.

Adam Platt, a software engineer with over 10 years of experience, is API System's coding resource and unofficial efficiency expert. He loves working with IT Administrators and helping them grow their confidence in programming through PowerShell.

Jared Atkinson is the Hunt Capability Lead with Veris Group’s Adaptive Threat Division. Before working for Veris Group, Jared spent 4 years leading incident response missions for the U.S. Air Force Hunt Team, detecting and removing Advanced Persistent Threats.

Jeffery Hicks is a veteran IT Pro with 30 years of experience, much of it spent as an IT infrastructure consultant specializing in Microsoft server technologies with an emphasis in automation and efficiency. He is a multi-year recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award. He works today as an independent author, teacher, and consultant. He has been creating Pluralsight content for over 10 years. Jeff has written for numerous online sites and print publications, and speaks frequently at technology confer... more

Michael is a PM in the CAT team for Enterprise Cloud Engineering. His primary responsibility at Microsoft is to listen to customers and help drive their feedback in planning and prioritization. He also authors whitepapers.

Mark is Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. He is on the PowerShell team and focuses his energy on making Desired State Configuration the best management platform for Windows. Mark has worked in the server management space for his entire career and is incredibly excited about the direction that DevOps is taking systems management and configuration.

J. Keith is a Senior Program Manager in Windows Server, part of the PowerShell team. After a brief stint working in MSN Operations, he has devoted his work at Microsoft on improving the lives of IT professionals.

David is a Software engineer in the PowerShell team at Microsoft, working to evolve the PowerShell development experience.

Rohn is a system administrator and a PowerShell enthusiast. He's also the Co-founder of the Mississippi PowerShell User Group and the winner of the 2012 Scripting Games (Advanced Category).

Microsoft PowerShell MVP, SAPIEN Technologies MVP, Co-Author of PowerShell TFM 4th Edition, PowerShell Deep Dives Chapter 6 Author, Leader & Co-Founder of the Mississippi PowerShell User Group, Winner of the 2013 Scripting Games Advanced Category.

Luc is a Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert, Systems Engineer and into all things DevOps.

Kirk Munro is a Technical Product Manager at Provance Technologies, where he is helping build the next generation of Provance's flagship IT Asset Management product, along with several smaller products such as the ScsmPx PowerShell module.

Jason Helmick is an author for Pluralsight. His IT career spans more than 25 years or enterprise consulting on a variety of technologies, with a focus on strategic IT business planning. He’s a highly successful IT author, columnist, lecturer, and instructor, specializing in automation practices for the IT pro. Jason is a leader in the IT professional community, and serves as board member and COO/CFO of PowerShell.Org. Jason’s publications include Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches, and he h... more

Adam Driscoll is a software developer and team lead at Dell and a PowerShell MVP. He has experience working with Microsoft .NET, Android, SQL, and C++ but focuses primarily on PowerShell API development. Since PowerShell is fast becoming the automation tool of choice for both Microsoft and IT administrators, he finds it is exciting to contribute to the platform as it evolves and advances. Adam is the author of several Visual Studio 2010 extensions including PowerGUI VSX. PowerGUI VSX integrates ... more

Don Jones' broad IT experience comes from 20 years in the business, with a strong focus on Microsoft server technologies. He's the author of more than 45 technology books, including titles on administration and software development, and writes monthly columns for the industry's leading periodicals. He's an in-demand speaker at technical conferences and symposia worldwide, and is widely recognized as one of the top trainers in the Microsoft sector.

Neema is a Program Manager for the PowerShell Team. Neema specializes in PowerShell, DSC, and Nano Server with commandlet integration.

Lee Holmes is a developer on the Microsoft Windows PowerShell team, and has been an authoritative source of information about PowerShell since its earliest betas. His vast experience with Windows PowerShell enables him to integrate both the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ into discussions. Lee’s involvement with the PowerShell and administration community (via newsgroups, mailing lists, and blogs) gives him a great deal of insight into the problems faced by all levels of administrators and PowerShell users ... more

June wrote Get-Help help for PowerShell 1.0-3.0. Now, she blogs, teaches, presents, writes, researches, and uses Windows PowerShell, and contributes to SAPIEN tools. Shes a PowerShell Hero 2015 and a new Windows PowerShell MVP.

Angel is a Partner Group Software Eng Manager - Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Management team: PowerShell, Desired State Configuration (DSC), WMI, GP, Windows Mngmt. protocols.

Paul is a senior software developer currently doing contract work for Microsoft. His educational background is in electrical engineering and he holds a masters degree from the University of Washington. He has experience in hardware and systems design, but has done primarily software development for the last two decades. Paul has worked for various small companies as well as start-up companies, and has worked as a full time employee SDE at Microsoft Corporation.

Ed is the Microsoft Scripting Guy and writes the daily "Hey Scripting Guy" blog. He has also have written several books on Windows PowerShell. The latest book is PowerShell Step By Step 3rd edition which includes PowerShell v5.

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