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PowerShell Playbook: Automating Active Directory

by Anthony Howell

If you manage Active Directory, you need to know PowerShell. This course covers everything you need to get started building your own PowerShell toolkit.

What you'll learn

At the core of automated management of Active Directory is a thorough knowledge of PowerShell. In this course, PowerShell Playbook: Automating Active Directory, you’ll learn how to automate Active Directory management. First, you’ll learn how to manage the user lifecycle. Next, you’ll explore how to maintain and preemptively automate. Finally, you’ll discover how to share all that work with the rest of your team. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of PowerShell and Active Directory that will help you as you move forward to automate Active Directory management.

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About the author

Once upon a time, I was a good little sysadmin that dutifully automated everything I could get my hands on. My independent spirit served me well in those days. It taught me to get stuff done and guided me to higher paying employment opportunities. That is until the day that it ganged up with my entrepreneurial spirit and they convinced me that I could do much cooler things on my own. I gleefully drank their kool-aid and have since started my own automation consultancy, Howell IT. Besides my care... more

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