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The IT Ops Sessions: Improving PowerShell Scripting and Operations with ChatGPT

by Lars Klint

In this IT Ops session, you’ll learn how to create better scripts and operational processes faster with ChatGPT.

What you'll learn

The IT Ops sessions are short-form conference-style sessions, minus the conference. The accessibility and breadth of artificial intelligence is accelerating rapidly, and one of the tools that aims to provide a natural companion to your toolbox is ChatGPT. In this session, Improving PowerShell Scripting and Operations with ChatGPT, you'll get an introduction to the service and learn to use it to create more robust and efficient PowerShell scripting. You'll also discover how to debug, fine tune, and automate repetitive tasks using ChatGPT. When you’re finished with this session, you’ll have a better understanding of how AI tools can elevate your PowerShell scripts and efficiency.

About the author

Lars is a Principal Magician with Arkahna, author, trainer, Microsoft MVP, community leader, aspiring Microsoft Azure expert and part time classic car collector. He is heavily involved in the space of cloud computing services, especially Azure, and is a published author, solution architect and writer for numerous publications. He has been a part of the software development community for the past 20 years and co-organises the DDD Melbourne community conference, organises developer events with Mic... more

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