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Creating GUIs Using PowerShell Studio 2015 - The Essentials

by Manoj Nair

Take your PowerShell toolmaking skills to the next level by building a front-end for your awesome PowerShell Scripts.

What you'll learn

If you ever wanted to take your Windows PowerShell Toolmaking skills to the next level, then this course is just for you. We will use Sapien's PowerShell Studio 2015, the "Visual Studio" of Windows PowerShell, and use it to build Windows Forms from scratch -- using its drag and drop functionality and your existing knowledge of Windows PowerShell. In this soup-to-nuts PowerShell GUI building course, you will get your feet wet with PoweShell Studio 2015, get comfortable with its interface, and then build an Event Log collector tool from scratch, which you can then share with others either as an EXE or MSI file. You'll be able to do all of this without writing a single line of C# or VB.Net code, thereby giving you, the IT Pro, the ability to build GUIs without the need to learn a new programming language.

About the author

Manoj is currently working with Microsoft Australia as a AppDev Modernization and Innovation Specialist. Prior to Microsoft, Manoj worked with AWS as an Ecosystem Solutions Architect, as an AWS Senior Technical Trainer and as Technical Instructor with DDLS, Sydney specializing on Microsoft Infrastructure Solutions. In his earlier role as a Partner Technical Consultant, he delivered many technical webcasts/talks/Practice Accelerator Workshops on System Center Suite, Forefront UAG, PowerShell and ... more

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