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Windows PowerShell 4 Toolmaking Fundamentals

by Adam Bertram

Are you a beginning to intermediate PowerShell scripter and tired of writing one-off scripts? Take your scripting to the next level and begin to think of your scripts as tools.

What you'll learn

PowerShell can be many things to many different people. PowerShell can be a simple command-line replacement or a scripting language. In this course, Windows PowerShell 4 Toolkmaking Fundamentals, you will learn how to get away from writing one-liners and simple scripts.

First, you will learn the fundamentals of toolmaking. Next, you will see examples of tools created in the past. Finally, you will use modules to create a toolbelt. When you are finished with this course, you will have the knowledge to create reusable scripts so you don't have to recreate that wheel.

About the author

Adam Bertram is a technical writer, independent consultant focused on PowerShell and cloud, and 6x Microsoft MVP. Adam specializes in PowerShell and all things IT automation.

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