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What’s New in PowerShell v5.0

by Missy Januszko

Over the last decade, PowerShell became the most widely-used scripting language for the Windows platform. This course teaches you how to use the latest features in version 5.0, including class programming, auditing, and package management.

What you'll learn

Sysadmins, make your job easier by using some of the brand new features in PowerShell version 5.0. In this course, What’s New in PowerShell v5.0, you'll learn how to go from scripting to programming using classes by object-oriented programming concepts, as well as practical application in PowerShell. First, you’ll discover how to keep the bad guys out of your environments by implementing the new logging and auditing features. Next, you’ll explore how to download, install, and run PowerShell modules contributed by the PowerShell community with the PackageManagement features – which will save you time and energy. Additionally, you’ll learn how to package and version your modules to make your upgrade paths simpler. Finally, you’ll delve into new modules, cmdlets, and parameters. By the end of this course, you'll have the necessary knowledge to start programming using classes and new cmdlets in PowerShell version 5.0. Software required: Windows Management Framework version 5.0.

About the author

Missy Januszko is a Senior Automation Engineer with more than 20 years of experience as an enterprise hosting architect, large-scale infrastructure designer, and hosted application designer. She is a Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management specializing in DevOps, DSC, PowerShell, automation and configuration management, and Active Directory. Missy has broad experience across the entire line of Microsoft business technologies and is a co-author of “The DSC Book” with Microsoft MVP Don Jo... more

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