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Premiere Pro CC Building on the Fundamentals

by Jason Cox

Adobe continues to innovate aggressively with every new release of Premiere Pro CC. This course will take you on a deeper tour of the Premiere Pro CC toolset and get you creating professional looking videos faster and more efficiently. Software required: Premiere Pro CC.

What you'll learn

If you're looking to dig deeper into Premiere Pro CC and learn about the tools professional editors use on a daily basis to make their videos stand out from the rest, then this course is for you. In this course, Premiere Pro CC Building on the Fundamentals, you'll build on what was learned in Premiere Pro CC Fundamentals. First, you'll discover more editing tools and tips. Next, you'll add some strength to your audio and color. Finally, you'll get into effects, multicam editing, and advanced export tricks. When you're finished with this course, you'll not only know more of what Premiere Pro CC has to offer, but you'll also learn to take familiar concepts to a more advanced level during the creation of your videos. Software required: Premiere Pro CC.

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About the author

Jason has spent most of his life in and around the nation's capital. After a stint as a Creative for Apple, Jason became an Apple Certified Trainer in 2009, followed shortly thereafter as an Adobe Certified Instructor. In 2012, Jason published his first training book, the Final Cut Pro X Cookbook, and currently produces online training courses for PluralSight, writes for, and works as an independent certified trainer of Adobe and Apple software. He's also presented at NAB and the ... more

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