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Premiere Pro CC Titles

by Ryan Magner

In this course, you'll learn to create titles in Premiere Pro CC using the built in Title Designer, and explore all of the panels and tools that are available for editing your titles. Software required: Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

What you'll learn

Knowing how to create and use Titles in Premiere Pro CC is essential if you create videos with Premiere Pro CC. In this course, Premiere Pro CC Titles you will learn how to use the Title Designer, how to create still, rolling, and crawling titles, and how to use the different types of text options available. You'll also learn about standard title motion and placement. Finally, you'll explore how to create and save title templates and styles. When you're finished with this course, you will know all there is to know about creating and working with titles in Premiere Pro CC. Software required: Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

About the author

Ryan Magner graduated from New England Tech with an Associates in Video & Audio Production, and has since been working as a professional video producer for the last 8 years. Ryan's years of experience working for a local film festival company, a marketing agency, and now producing other trainers' courses shot in studio has allowed him to teach others to create their own video and audio productions.

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