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Presenting to the Boss(es)

by Jason Alba

This course will help you prepare for and make critical and high-impact presentations to your boss, a group of executives, customers, prospects, or others who can have a significant impact on your career, company, team, or project. Preparation is key, the presentation is your opportunity to shine, and the debrief and follow-up help ensure you capitalize on opportunities.

What you'll learn

In this course, we talk about concepts and techniques to help make your critical presentations as good as they can be, and to not miss opportunities after your presentation. In the first module, we focus on preparing for the presentation, from stories to your first impression to researching the audience. In the second module, we talk about the actual presentation, including tips from my perspective as a professional speaker. In the third module, we talk about debriefing and follow-up, and ensuring that you don't let opportunities slip through your fingers.

About the author

Jason Alba has been a Pluralsight Author since 2012, specializing in soft skills and professional development. He started his IT career as an intern developing tools for a robust intranet. He transitioned to an IT manager at another company where his job included web development as well as other IT functions. After an acquisition Jason became VP and then general manager at a newly formed tech company. He founded and manages, a CRM for job seekers. Jason has authored three books.... more

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