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Getting Started with Prezi, a PowerPoint Alternative for Presentations

by Lisa Larson-Kelley

Learn how to create dynamic presentations with Prezi. This course will teach you the essential basics for creating dynamic presentations that can be used as alternatives to traditional slide making programs.

What you'll learn

Looking for an alternative program for creating dynamic presentations? In this course, Getting Started with Prezi, a PowerPoint Alternative for Presentations, you'll be introduced to the basics of Prezi, a cutting-edge tool for creating dynamic presentations that can be used as an alternative to traditional slide making programs, such as PowerPoint and Keynote. Instead of slides, Prezi uses one large canvas and allows you to add layers of meaning to static presentations with multimedia, spatial relationships, and movement. First, you'll explore how to create a new Prezi, along with the basic features and benefits of an effective Prezi presentation. Next, you'll dive into learning how to navigate the user interface. Finally, you'll discover how to create, animate, share, and publish a Prezi presentation. Advanced topics include presenting your Prezi to a remote audience, via a web browser, your desktop, or even your mobile device. By the end of this course, you'll have the fundamental knowledge to navigate Prezi and create dynamic presentations of your own.

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About the author

Lisa is a consultant, teacher, and speaker with a passion for empowering people with knowledge, and supporting them in making their goals and aspirations a reality. Much like a sherpa who helps adventurers reach the summit, Lisa guides you and does some of the heavy lifting to help you learn new skills and reach your goals. Whether it's a technology startup, a major corporation, or an entrepreneur with a dream, she lights up the path to success and carry a pack or two along the way.

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