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Blockchain – Principles and Practices

by Stephen Haunts

This course will teach you about what a block is, and how they work. You will learn how the essential blockchain data structures work and how to apply them in the real world.

What you'll learn

Blockchains have been called one of the next big revolutions in computing. In this course, Blockchain - Principles and Practices, you’ll learn to understand how a blockchain works and how they apply in the real-world. First, you’ll explore the cryptography principles required for a blockchain. Next, you’ll discover how transactions are stored within a block. Then, you will learn how proof of work makes a blockchain resistant to tampering and corruption. Finally, you’ll learn how consensus is maintained over a network to keep a blockchain secure and reliable. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of blockchains needed to understand how they work and can be applied to your systems.

About the author

Stephen Haunts is an experienced Software Developer and Leader who has worked across multiple business domains including Computer Games, Finance, and Healthcare Retail and Distribution. Stephen has worked in languages ranging from Assembler, various forms of BASIC, to C and C++, and then finding his love of C# and .NET. Stephen also runs a Software Development and Leadership blog called {Coding in the Trenches} which can be read at . Stephen also runs a small music ... more

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