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Processing and Filtering Text Data with Bash and Z Shell

by Sadequl Hussain

Learn how to use the power of Linux shell to search for files and text, then filter, analyze, process, and shape text data in any form you want. Use the skills to tackle real-world problems like a Linux pro.

What you'll learn

As someone working (or interested in working) in Linux, you always have to deal with text data in some form or other. Maybe you just started with Linux and want to take your skills to the next level. You could be a DevOps engineer trying to build that command string dynamically. Perhaps your job as a system administrator sees you wading through massive log files or running the same commands every day, and you are looking for a smarter way to do that. Or perhaps you are a data scientist grappling to get that file into some shape. In this course, Processing and Filtering Text Data with Bash and Z Shell, you will gain the foundational knowledge of Linux commands to search, read, write, filter, process, and report on text-based information. First, you will learn how to find text files you want to work with and read text data from various sources. Next, you will discover the essential Linux tools to perform everyday text processing tasks. Finally, you will explore how to automate everything you have learned so far by writing Linux shell scripts. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of processing text data in Linux, making you even savvier in your field of work, and equipping you to pursue even more specialized paths.

About the author

Sadequl Hussain is an information technologist and digital content producer from Sydney, Australia. He has more than twenty years of experience in development, infrastructure engineering, database management, training, and technical authoring. Over the years, Sadequl has worked with many different technologies and has written about topics ranging from databases to cloud to security to serverless. His technical articles have been published in blog sites of some of the well-known names in the indu... more

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