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Engaging Team Members and Customers as a Product Owner (IIBA®-CPOA)

by Milena Pajic

This course will teach you how product ownership analysis can assist you in creating and delivering exceptional products and services, for your customers and stakeholders, by engaging all relevant parties.

What you'll learn

Creating and delivering outstanding products and services for stakeholders is crucial in today's world. A critical ingredient for success is to have the whole team collectively responsible for the product's success. In this course, Engaging Team Members and Customers as a Product Owner (IIBA®-CPOA), you'll learn how the best product ownership analysis practices can assist you in involving all relevant stakeholders to deliver successful products. First, you'll learn how product owners can engage and empower product teams through the practice of product ownership analysis. Then, you'll discover how product ownership analysis can equip you as a product owner to better understand, support, and engage with product teams and stakeholders. After that, you'll see how to use product ownership analysis techniques to initiate, develop, and maintain a relationship with customers, leading to more satisfactory product development outcomes. Finally, you'll understand how to cultivate a positive relationship with the customer through targeting, a clear value proposition, and a good product-market fit. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge needed to engage all relevant stakeholders and ensure product success.

About the author

Milena Pajic has more than a two-decade-long career in the IT industry, leading distributed teams and managing projects on the international level. Software developer by education, she dug deep into the code, earned significant hands-on experience, and learned the rules of the game. She has been heavily involved in building teams on the basis of self-organization and cross-functionality, spreading her knowledge, and investing in education. Milena is a Master of Computer Science, PMP Certified Pr... more

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