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Creating Realistic and Effective Product Renders in Maya

by Mauro Sanna

In this tutorial we will learn about detailed product modeling techniques, as well as effective lighting, shading, and rendering. We are going to learn how to create an effective product presentation within tight deadline and few photo references to help us.

What you'll learn

We will build a product from scratch and make it look photorealistic and stylized. We will model without image planes, while creating textures and efficient shader networks. We will also use lights and indirect illumination correctly to render an interesting composition.

Table of contents

Introduction and Project Overview

About the author

Mauro Sanna was a natural-born artist and was always interested in new technologies, art, and video games. He worked for eight years as a graphic designer, photo retoucher and digital painter. Mauro fell in love with 3D in 1986 when he bought his first Commodore Amiga and tried Impulse Imagine, NewTek Lightwave, and Realsoft Real 3D. He has over six years of experience in the 3D CG industry. He is now living in Northampton, UK, and working as a senior 3D Artist Generalist.

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