Exploring Product Road Maps

by Eliska Elaine Que

This course will teach you what a product roadmap is, why it is important, what should it contain, and how to go about the different challenges to ensure you come up with a clear and effective product roadmap.

What you'll learn

A company has a business strategy and vision, but how do those translate to the product? Do people within the company know the why and the what behind what's being built into product? In this course, Exploring Product Roadmaps, you'll learn how to communicate the planned product features and offerings and how they align with the company strategy. First, you'll explore what a product roadmap is, its purpose and what it should contain. Next, you'll discover how to gather requirements from stakeholders, how to prioritize all these inputs, and address the challenges in product roadmap creation. Finally, you'll learn how to update the roadmap as your product evolves. By the end of this course, you'll be able to align your product offerings with the company strategy and communicate it clearly through a product roadmap.

About the author

Eliska has more than a decade of managerial experience in the software industry, working on mobile applications, web, and backend projects - from instant messaging, micro-blogging, to eCommerce and logistics products. She has extensive experience in the start-up industry, doing both product and project management and was a part of the pioneer team that launched an eCommerce business in Singapore to 3 more countries in Asia in just 6 months. She had her share of working for multinational companie... more

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