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The Emotional Side of Product Management

by Nicole Castillo

Did you know that higher levels of emotional intelligence are more positively correlated to success than high IQ? This course will teach you to understand emotional intelligence and how to improve those areas with some basic tactics.

What you'll learn

Managing stakeholders and empathizing with your customers is key to the product management discipline, but to truly master these you need to leverage the basics of EQ or Emotional Intelligence. In this course, The Emotional Side of Product Management, you’ll learn to what Emotional Intelligence is and why it’s critical to product management. First, you’ll explore the four core components of Emotional Intelligence. Next, you’ll discover how to apply it to the product management discipline. Finally, you’ll learn some techniques in each of the core areas to help you improve your Emotional Intelligence. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Emotional Intelligence needed to successfully navigate the emotional side of product management.

Table of contents

The Emotional Side of Product Management

About the author

Nicole has spent over 10 years in product and technology roles in industries spanning telecommunications, real estate, and, most recently, media. In her current role as VP of Products at News Corp, she works with multiple global brands across our business - Dow Jones, New York Post, News Corporation Australia, and, of course, News UK. In her current role she supports mobile products across the entire network and most recently is leading the efforts across News Corp around all things AI. She’s al... more

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