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Productivity for Programmers

by Calvin Correli

Productivity. You know you want it, but how do you get there? We've collaborated with accomplished entrepreneur, developer, and life coach Calvin Conaway to bring you a practical plan customized for programmers.

What you'll learn

Programming is hard work that requires creativity, problem solving, and even physical stamina. In this course, Calvin will teach you how to set achievable, measurable goals, prepare for the work of thinking, achieve focus, find shortcuts, and maximize your natural rhythm and energy. Part 2 dives into controlling email, where Calvin presents a system that he has developed and taught to many people over several years. It combines ideas from GTD and Inbox Zero and adds other concrete strategies for facing up to your email and attacking it with a consistent plan.

About the author

Calvin Correli is the founder and CEO of Simplero, a software platform for online membership sites.

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