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Building a High-Performance Culture

by Jordan Silva

In today's workplace, teams need more than just pay and benefits to stick around. This course will teach you not only retain your most valuable assets, but get the best out of them over time.

What you'll learn

In this Guest Speaker Series, Building a High-Performance Culture, you’ll learn to build teams that require less oversight, and deliver high quality and consistent results year over year. First, you’ll explore the importance of building a team vision and working to accomplish a common mission. Next, you’ll discover the keys to handing your team ownership of their outcomes.. Finally, you’ll learn tactical steps to strengthen and maintain the culture of your teams to ensure performance over time.. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to get the best our of your team, even in this new work-from-home world.

Table of contents

Building a High-Performance Culture

About the author

Jordan has spent nearly two decades helping organizations implement and utilize technology to solve business challenges. With a Masters of Science in Leadership and Management and multiple industry certifications, including the CISSP, C|CISO and PMP, Jordan helps ensure technology is working for you and not the other way around. Given the opportunity, Jordan will happily talk your ear off regarding technology, organizational culture, or the best ways to cook meat over fire.

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