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Resilience Is Your Superpower

by Aleksandra Majkic

Successfully adapting to difficult or challenging experiences is a skill to be learned! Once conquered, resilience becomes our personal safety net and our superpower to navigate and enjoy ever-changing work and life situations.

What you'll learn

Resilience is a tool for supporting personal growth and mental health and is built within ourselves. First, you’ll explore what resilience is how it’s misconstrued. Next, you’ll discover how to detect the misconceptions about resilience that are blocking your personal growth. Finally, you’ll learn 3 steps for growth: mindfulness, common humanity, and empathy toward ourselves. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of building resilience in the right way needed to navigate and enjoy ever-chaning worklife by lowering the stress it may cause.

Table of contents

Resilience Is Your Superpower

About the author

Aleksandra grew up in high-tech by bridging the gap between development teams, markets, customers, and decision-makers. She has comprehensive know-how of team leadership, working with top management and industry-leading international clients. She’s passionate about female leadership, effective communications and personal profiling. Aleksandra holds a TA 101 Certified Professional, a certificate for understanding human behavior, communication, and relationships. She is also an IBM Enterprise De... more

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