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Profile Your Data with Power BI

by Remsey Mailjard

This course will teach you how to profile your data and clean unwanted anomalies and errors in your datasets with Power BI.

What you'll learn

When you import data into Power BI some data might be missing, incomplete, incorrect or has some errors in it. In this course, Profile Your Data with Power BI, you’ll learn to profile and prepare your data before importing into your data model. First, you’ll explore how to look into the data column properties and make changes where necessary. Next, you’ll discover how you can detect anomalies and outliers, for instance in line charts. Finally, you’ll learn how to examine data statistics. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of profiling and preparing the data for analysis.

About the author

Remsey Mailjard is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, consultant and software developer. He founded Skills4-IT, to teach people how to build software, manage data and help them pass Microsoft certifications. He has been training professionals since 2012 for various training companies around the world including Google. His undying love for acquiring IT skills, made him self-taught in subjects like Microsoft 365, Azure, C#, NET, Power Platform and Business Intelligence. When he is not working, he is ... more

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