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Managing Risks in Project Environments

by Casey Ayers

Too often, promising projects hit unexpected icebergs or miss valuable opportunities because of poor risk management. In this course, you’ll learn how to identify and manage risks that can impair any team’s ability to succeed.

What you'll learn

Managing risks and opportunities stands at the heart of every successful project initiative. Those that are unsuccessful in identifying risks and developing wise strategies for addressing them all too often find their promising project capsized, losing precious time and value that could’ve been preserved with a more watchful eye. In this course, Managing Risks in Project Environments, you’ll learn how to manage project risks effectively. First, you’ll explore the importance of risk management in projects, how to identify risk factors, and the kind of methods you have to choose from in managing those risks. Next, you’ll learn how to assess risks from a qualitative and quantitative perspective, and develop strategies to address them. Finally, you’ll discover how you can implement effective responses to risks and leverage potential opportunities. When you're done with this course, you’ll have the knowledge of why it’s essential to continuously monitor risk factors as project work progresses, in order to ensure risk responses are as effective as anticipated.

About the author

Casey has experience leading projects, analyzing challenges, and designing solutions in many fields, including healthcare, digital media, mobile app development and education. He's always in pursuit of new knowledge and loves to share what he learns along the way with others. To inquire about speaking engagements or consulting opportunities, and to learn more about his other ventures, visit

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